Signature Shielded Power Cable

Signature” Power Cable

Price: $389.00 for 1m length  (gold plated Furutech connectors)

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Please contact me regarding prices for custom lengths.

*** Cost to upgrade to Rhodium FI-AU3112 (R) and FI-11-N1 (R) connectors is  an additional $40.00 per cable ***

Other Furutech products (ie Rhodium plated connectors,  slimline FI-C15 IEC, etc) are available, please contact me for price and availability. 

The Audio Principe “Signature” is the top of the range reference grade power cable designed to ensure maximum clean power transfer for demanding amplifiers and components.

Design features include:

Furutech FI-AU3112 (G) gold-plated 10A 240V Australian power plug and Furutech FI-11-N1 (G) female IEC connector.

Heavy 14mm diameter shielded cable with 3x 2.5mm pure copper conductors including mains earth provide extremely low resistance for maximum current flow.

Braided shielding and inner metal shield attached at the plug end only, give 100% coverage to provide protection against EMI and ensure clean power supply.

The best power cable for the most discerning listener.

QC tested using Wavecom TNT-el Appliance Tester, suitable for testing with respect to AS/NZS 3760:2010 includes earth bond test, insulation test, continuity and polarity.

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