Attenuated -8dB twisted pair interconnects

Attenuated (-8dB) Interconnects

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Audio Principe Attenuated Twisted-Pair Interconnects are constructed using a twisted pair of 22 AWG silver-plated copper (OFC) wires, with PTFE (Teflon) insulation. As with all Audio Principe interconnects, the internal wire is made in the USA, and all solder joints use 2% silver solder. The RCA connectors are low-mass Neutriks, with hard gold plated solid pin and skirt. -8 dB attenuation is achieved using individually matched audio grade metal film resistors, designed into the construction of the cable itself. The cables are directional, and should be connected in the direction of the arrows. These interconnects allow greater volume control. In cases where the volume knob may never get past the 8 o’clock position, the attenuated ICs allow the knob to be turned further, giving better channel balance and amplifier performance. Great for vintage (and modern) amplifiers which have low input sensitivity compared with digital sources output sensitivity of around 2.5V. Good attenuation can reduce distortion, and reproduce music with greater clarity and detail. This leads to less aural fatigue, and a more satisfying listening experience.

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