Solid Core Twisted-pair Teflon speaker cables

Single Twisted-pair Solid core Teflon/Silver-plated Speaker Cables

Price: $128.50 for a 2.5m pair contact me to buy

Please contact me regarding prices for custom lengths or configurations.

Note: The cables can be terminated with gold-plated 4mm banana plugs, gold-plated 8mm spades or 2mm gold pins.

Especially designed for tube/valve amplifiers, these Audio Principe speaker cables are  constructed using 2 x 18AWG 300V Teflon/Silver-plated wires twisted together (ie a total of 2 individually PTFE-insulated 1.02mm diameter single strand silver plated (OFC) copper conductors in a twisted pair.) The conductors are soldered into the connectors using silver solder. Polarity is indicated with coloured heat-shrink wrap. A twisted pair provides Common Mode Noise Reduction (CMNR) configuration for excellent noise rejection.

This configuration is preferred for lower powered tube/valve amps where high current flow is not an issue. Simple and elegant solution for valve amps and/or speakers with single full-range drivers.

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