Single 75 ohm RCA Digital Interconnect

Single 75 ohm RCA Digital Interconnect

Price: $79.50 for single 1m cable contact me to buy

Please contact me regarding prices for custom lengths or configurations. Also available with 1 or 2 BNC connectors instead of RCAs.

This Audio Principe Digital Interconnect is constructed using coaxial cable with a specific impedance of 75 ohms. As with all Audio Principe interconnects, the internal wire is made in the USA, and all solder joints use 2% silver solder. The solid centre conductor is 23AWG oxygen-free copper, protected by foamed HDPE dielectric providing high Vp and minimal absorption. The double layer high density shield consists of braided plated copper strands surrounding a 100% coverage aluminium foil. The RCA connectors are low mass Neutriks with gold-plated solid pin and skirt.

 The result is a very clean signal which provides more transparency and detail. By minimising distortion and internal reflected waves, aural fatigue is also reduced.

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