Braided Teflon/Silver-plated speaker cables

Teflon/Silver-plated Speaker Cables

Price: $389.00 for a 2.5m pair contact me to buy

These speaker cables are a 6 wire design. Also available in an 8 wire configuration for speakers with large current flow requirements ie electrostatics, at a slightly higher cost.

Please contact me regarding prices for custom lengths or configurations.

Note: The cables can be terminated with gold-plated 4mm banana plugs, gold-plated 8mm spades or 2mm gold pins.

Audio Principe speaker cables are  constructed using 6 x 18AWG 300V Teflon/Silver-plated wires braided together (ie a total of 6 individually PTFE-insulated 1.02mm diameter 19 strand silver plated (OFC) copper conductors in 3 twisted pairs.) The conductors are separated into 2 sets of 3 and soldered using silver solder. Polarity is indicated with coloured heat-shrink wrap. Multiple low AWG conductors are used for reduction of skin effect in the audible range. Twisted pairs provide Common Mode Noise Reduction (CMNR) configuration for excellent noise rejection. High current carrying capacity. Low DC resistance, low impedance. These cables do not have a Techflex covering.

Electrical Specifications

 Average bare cable per meter

 (Cp) Parallel Capacitance 132 pF @ 1KHz

(Ls) Series Inductance 0.118 uH @ 1KHz

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