Balanced XLR interconnects

XLR Balanced Interconnects

Price: $149.00 for a 1m pair contact me to buy

Please contact me regarding prices for custom lengths or configurations.

See below for information regarding the “hybrid ground lift” version, which is also available for an extra charge.

 Audio Principe XLR Balanced interconnects are constructed using cable with four conductors in a star-quad configuration which provides excellent noise rejection and signal integrity. The internal wire is made in the USA, and all solder joints use 2% silver solder. Dielectric is  PTFE Teflon, insulating 4x silver-plated Oxygen Free Copper stranded conductors, and a high-coverage silver plated OFC braided shield. These design features ensure an extra low noise floor and crystal clear sound reproduction. Connectors are latest Neutrik 3-pin XLR’s, with gold-plated contacts. The cables are protected with a black Techflex covering with a red trace.

Note: Another version of these balanced cables is available with a modified earth connection for use as a “fix”, where a ground loop is causing noise. The shield is connected to ground at the female connector, and via a filter capacitor and resistor at the male connector for excellent RF and EMI noise reduction. This ensures the reduction of potential ground loops, as the earth is essentially lifted. NOTE: the filter circuit connects only the shield to ground, and is not part of the signal path. Cost is an extra $50 added to total.

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