Many people have commented on the improvements they hear when using Audio Principe products. Below is some of the feedback received, and some private messages.

Bi Wire Cable

I have been using the AP Bi-Wire cables for around 2 years now. I purchased them to replace a set of XLO Type 5 cables which were just too inflexible and kept breaking 4mm plugs, despite their excellent sound quality.  Originally I was just going to get the Audio Principes’ to “tide me over” until I could find a cable of similar “quality” (price), to what I was using minus the stiffness. The Audio Principes (like XLO and many high end cable manufacturers), use multi-strand insulated conductors in many of their cables which to my ears gives a more transparent sound than most conventional stranded cable designs such as Tara Labs, or Monster. The twisting or braiding of the strands along the cables length minimises interference, the conductors were silver plated and teflon insulated, and the plugs were of good quality all custom heatshrunk nice and neat. I expected the Bi Wire cables to perform ok given the specs. What I was not expecting was how damn good they sounded. Soundstaging was excellent, tonally neutral and clean with bass extension and speed almost as good as the Type 5…for roughly ONE TENTH the price. The result is two years later I’m still running the Audio Principes and frankly haven’t looked at anything else. Quality cables make a difference, more expensive generally means better, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one of the best.

75 Ohm Interconnect

I purchased the Audio Principe 75 Ohm interconnect a few years back and ran it for a few months in my system before changing to an optical cable. I didn’t notice a thing…which is good! The cable added nothing in the way of colouration and was great value for money.

Dan   26th June 2018
Audio Principe cables are an absolute bargain considering the level of performance and workmanship Peter Graves brings to a set of products he is obviously knowledgeable and passionate about. Peter has provided a level of service and customisation for my system that is unparalleled in my experience. I have found the same exceptional level of performance from his interconnect, digital and biwired speaker cables, each providing noticeable and complimentary sonic benefits. I believe that if you use Audio Principe cables, then the cabling will be last part of your system you will need to change, if ever.
Andrew Cairney  26th August 2014
Excellent product, highly recommended
12th August 2014
superfast delivery, great communication, quality product, highly recommended, A+
2nd June 2014

great cables, great sound, superb workmanship. very impressed                                   19th March 2014

The best quality cable iI have ever seen. Gorgeous sound. Express postage. Wow!!     18th March 2014

The switch box is amazing. Thankyou. Build quality, sound, feel are all so
much more than I expected. Perfect. Definitely no pre amp required !
Thanks again Peter. Your products are above and beyond.                                              13th February 2014

THE best quality service and product i have ever purchased on ebay! THANKS!!!            4th February 2014

Great product sound n depth is remarkable seller is so helpful thanks                              31st January 2014

“Excellent clarity, amazing transformation of sound quality. Very pleased. 🙂 ”                    6th December 2013

“Great cables. Not overtly bright, great bass extension and control. TOP VALUE!”             6th December 2013

“The intercon, very detailed clear clean & neutral sound, awesome bass & treble.”          19th November 2013

“Superb, very high Quality. Outstanding communication. Will buy again. Thanks”             7th November 2013

“True high quality, hi-fi loudspeaker cable. Extremely pleased with product.Best!”              1st September 2013

“Fantastic audio upgrade for a minimal price, great detail and clarity.Thanks”                          20th May 2013

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